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I can not believe I did not post this here!!

Last weekend, I came home from being out at a Scottish Faire all day. I checked my mail, adn had this freaky looking envelope from NY in my mail box..I was like WTF??? It looked kinda scary, as the address was all scrawled in ballpoint pen. So I held it up to the light..again WTF?? It was a picture, I still did not get it. Finally I noticed the outline of South Park round couldn't be!! I suddenly remembered I had written Trey and Matt a letter several months hands were shaking..I opened the envelope, and in it.... A SIGNED PICTURE BY MATT AND TREY!!!!!! I completely flipped out...I was screaming and running around my living room like someone had caught my ass on fire trying to light a fart...It is beautiful, and now is framed about my television...the place where my love of South Park began..

If any of my non South Park loving friends call Matt or Trey an asshol one more time I am knocking them dead out..obviously they aren't they answered my thank you letter to them!:-D

One of the best days of my life I tell ya!
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